The Plan of Salvation

            God knows all things past, present, and future; moreover, God is presently in all things past, present, and future and so when speaking about the plan of salvation it is important for us to remember that God is not troubleshooting His way through the messes that we humans are always finding ourselves.  From the Beginning God knew how we would screw up and how He would save us through His Son’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.  The plan of God does not make sense to those of us who see in part the plan, but from the entirety the plan of salvation makes perfect sense even though it is a wonderful mystery to us at present.  Yet the plan of God makes even less sense to those of us who have such a wrong conception of the purposes of the plan of God.  It should not be thought that the plan of God is to affect the happiness of we who believe in this life.  Nor is it in the plan of God to make it so that we are comfortable in this life.  Indeed the plan of God often calls Christians to live in abject misery for God and to suffer through the most extreme discomforts and even death.  We can only know the plan of God through reading His word in the Bible just as the scientist can only learn about nature by studying the facts of nature.  And from the pages of the Bible we can learn that it is the purpose of God to bring all creatures to the point of bringing glory to Him.

            Through the pages of the Bible people have taken different approaches to the understanding of the Bible through supralapsarianism, infralapsarianism, the remonstrant doctrine of Arminianism, and the plan of salvation as it has been understood by Augustine.  In supralapsarianism the belief is that before all men came to be they were foreordained to their eternal fate; whereas, in infralapsarianism the belief is that they have been elected to their eternal fates.  The remonstrant doctrine introduced by Arminius denied the Biblically based doctrine of the Sovereignty of God believed that the plan of God required the cooperation of man to be able to be completed.  The difficulty with the supralapsarian theory is that it suffers from the appearance of being contrary to the revealed character of God Who loves mercy and justice.  Arminius taught that it is we who make the determination who is saved; whereas, Augustine taught that it is God Who makes the determination by His grace who is saved.  We must hold to the authority of the Bible when it talks about the sovereignty of God over His creation and in the determination of all events with the certainty that man’s free agency will work in perfect cooperation with the divine plan that has been predestined for us as the great masterpiece symphony that the plan of God will be revealed to be.  This sovereignty of God we recognize as Christians whenever we pray to Him to work in our lives.  Yet we should not think that we who are finite would ever be able to comprehend all of the pieces of God’s plan in this lifetime.

            It is ultimately the Glory of God which is the purpose of all things.  Augustinian belief is that what we see here in this world is really what God had purposed for eternity, but that we must not look at how things are right now as the ultimate culmination of all things but all as necessary to the end that God intends.  It is ultimately only the Augustinian model which takes into account all of the facts of Scripture and remains consistent.

            From the scriptures we know that we are dead in our sins before we believe in the death of Christ on the cross and the resurrection of His body from the dead for the forgiveness of sins.  Because we were dead it is only through the grace of God that we can come to the point of belief in Christ that is required for salvation.  And repentance from our dead sins is a necessary step towards having the eternal life since it is unreasonable to think that we could have eternal life while still treasuring the death of sin.  This true repentance, and faith, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit comes through the gift of God and not through what we do in this life.  So much of this plan seems so foolish to us as humans, but we must understand that the truth of God as seen from eternity is the ultimate wisdom of all.  The foolishness of God to save men from their sins is wiser than the greatest wisdom of man.  Praise God. 

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Comments (6)

  1. Momand2


    December 05, 2012
  2. Tony51203

    I know only that God is love and Jesus is Lord and Savior. All His plans are beyond me but I have no need to know or understand them. I leave them in His more then capable hands where I know they are safe.

    But I have a problem. I’ve started a new life on here, trying to leave all my crap behind. In the process I’ve overlooked more then a few people who are important to me. You are one of them and I apologize for the oversight. Could I prevail upon you to do me a favor? Only if you want to, never any pressure. Would you be kind enough to send me either a PM or friend request to MrNoBody123? I fear I will forget again without a reminder. I will either follow or friend you as you wish. I don’t want to lose you. As I recall… it took quite a while to find you to start with.

    December 06, 2012
    1. hearthappy45

      We could study all that we have about God for 20 lifetimes but still not come to an adequate understanding of God. It requires the touch of the Holy Spirit. God bless you, Wildo.

      December 24, 2012
  3. danthequestionman

    You stated the plan of God does not make sense to those of us who see in part the plan but from the entirety the plan of salvation makes perfect sense though it is a wonderful mystery to us at present.
    So what makes sense to you? Shouldn’t the plan of God be the ultimate in common sense considering Who He is?
    Why would God create angelic and other entities to be part of His realm that had no choice but to simply worship and adore Him like robots?
    Would you want someone to automatically love you and serve you without the freedom to choose you from another? Granted, having a robot entity to forever serve you without talking back would probably be heaven for a few men but there has something to be said for human interaction, isn’t there?
    It is apparent that God created His angels and other heavenly entities with freedom to choose whether to worship Him or not; as the Bible relates that one third of the angels of heaven were cast down to earth with their idol Lucifer, scripted as the Son of the Morning, the most beautiful of all angels whose ego turned him from God.
    So, why would God initiate a plan of salvation through the death of His Only Begotten Son prior to the creation of Mankind – Rev.13:8?
    Was Jesus not pre-destined and foreordained to die on the cross for our sins according to Biblical scripture?
    Why then was man created on and from the very earth that Lucifer and his cohorts were banished to?
    Was Adam predestined to sin to fulfill the plan of God so that all mankind would be born carrying his sin?
    Why would a loving and caring God create man to fail if He did not have a specific purpose in mind?
    Could it be possible that the spirit God placed into man could be a repentant fallen angel who had lost his angelic glory during his fall with Lucifer?
    Could God have instituted a plan of salvation by repentance for the angels who “left their glory” through now equally sinful man?
    Who is man then, that God is mindful of him? and the son of man that God visits him?
    Obviously mankind has a very important part in the creation process even with this short lifetime of ours in the eternity of a loving and caring God.
    Are we only a temporary body for the spirit which returns to God at our death-Ecclesisastes 12:7- or does God have a greater plan for us?
    Do we not have an individual soul? What then is the role of the soul of man if it is not cut apart from the spirit by Word of God (Jesus)-Hebrews 4-12 and delivered to be destroyed in hellfire for unbelief?
    Is the soul of the believer not resurrected to be with Christ in a new eternal body of it’s own once Jesus returns to gather the living and the dead according to scripture?
    So what makes the plan of God so difficult to understand?
    If God is the loving and forgiving Creator He is reported to be in the scriptures would He not have mercy on the fallen angels who repented leaving Him for another?
    Why would God create man to fall if He had no other plan in mind? Does that make sense to you?
    God makes total sense to me and I believe He is a God of mercy and forgiveness to all of His creation whether spirit or otherwise and I believe we were created to fulfill that plan.

    December 08, 2012
    1. hearthappy45

      I don’t think that God has made us like robots since He gave us free will.

      December 24, 2012
  4. arkofthecovena2

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    February 05, 2013
  5. seanjutzi

    Excellent post!

    February 26, 2013
    1. hearthappy45

      Thank you

      June 01, 2013
  6. matthewwright

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  7. hearthappy45


    December 24, 2012
  8. loyalmistyblue

    I agree littleles. My spririt just leads me to want to know more of God the best way I can.

    January 03, 2013