The Fall

            There were consequences from the Fall of Adam and Eve immediately upon their first sin.  There was no delay from the guilt that they felt.  There was no hiding the fact that their communion with God which was so intimate before the Fall was now gone.  There was the great condemnation from God of the judgment that they would face from Him that would last throughout their life, and ultimately, about the consequences that last to this day for all of us.  But what of their life?  Eve had disbelieved God’s threatening that they would die from eating of the tree, but what of the death that was promised?  In the moment that Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit their was that immediate death that had been threatened.  It was an immediate death and it was far worse than physical death because the death that happened was a spiritual death.

            The doctrine of the Fall of Adam and Eve has received much mythologizing over the ages and is a story that can be found amongst all of the cultures of the Earth in one form or another because as the children of Adam and Eve spread out across the Earth they would teach their children about what had happened to their first parents.  But it is important to remember that when the Bible discusses the story of Adam and Eve, that it is not just telling a story but is presenting for us the history of what had happened in reality.  There are many who regard the first 11 chapters of Genesis as being purely figurative.  But to relegate this story to fiction and allegory would be to destroy the basis for the entire basis for the Bible as a whole.

            The temptation itself is important to look at because of the lessons that we can learn from it.  First of all, it is important to note that the Bible is clear that Satan was the tempter of Eve and that the Nefarious One came to Eve in the form of a serpent.  When we look at Eve there are several conclusions that we must be able to make about the nature of the temptation.  She must’ve doubted God’s goodness if she wanted to learn how to discern good and evil without God.  If she had trusted God’s goodness then it should’ve been enough for her to rest with the knowledge that what God said was clean was clean, and that what God said was evil was evil.  Eve must’ve disbelieved God’s threatening.  If she had thought that she was going to die because of the sin, the only sin available to her, then she would not have invited that destruction on herself.  More than that, we must recognize that Eve coveted the knowledge that she was forbidden to have by God.  Like the fallen angels, Adam and Eve were completely ruined by the fall.  

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  1. mrmacq

    Stories Ripped Off From Greek Mythology
    The Creation

    There was absolutely no world and nothing, except for God. One day he got bored and decided to create everything.

    …There was nothing, it was called Chaos. One day it gave birth to everything for some reason.

    God first created light. He called light ‘day’ and dark ‘night’ and he seperated the days with darkness.

    …Chaos gave birth to earth and darkness to seperate the days.

    God created Adam and Eve as the first people to populate the world.

    …Chaos created the god of love and sex, Eros.

    The Beginning

    The first people lived in a perfect world with no pain and no sadness, this place was called the Garden of Eden.

    …The first people lived in a perfect world with no pain and no sadness, this was called the Golden Age.

    The Garden of Eden was inhabited by Adam and Eve and their millions of babies. God had only one rule, that they were not to pick the fruit from one particular tree. Having designed human psychology, it seems as though this was a set up. Eve, being the weaker of the two, picked the fruit and thus, the rest of the world has diseases and misfortune.

    The stories differ slightly here.

    …Eve was created to cater to Adam and improve his life, the first Greek woman was created as punishment. The Golden Age originally consisted of only men, until one day, a man named Prometheus tricked the gods into eating bones by covering them with meat. The gods came up with a tortorous punishment, her name was Pandora. He handed her a box and said she was not to open it, but being weak of mind as only a woman is, she opened it and released all diseases and evils into the world.

    The point of these stories: Women are to blame for all the human suffering in the world today. Thanks, ladies.

    November 30, 2012
    1. mrmacq

      they will conveniently overlook that one
      (they always have)
      i’ll bet you ten bucks
      logical thinking christians? my ass

      December 01, 2012
  2. danthequestionman

    You two are a hoot!
    There are many variants to the process of creation and the concept of the God or gods who enacted creation in various world religions and writings, available to us.
    The one that strikes the most resonance with me is the Christian concept derived from Hebrew writings and scriptures because it makes the most common sense to me.
    Our Hebrew God is defined as having a loving and caring nature throughout the scriptures with the only glitch being getting pissed off by His creations for not adhering to His commands and expectations of us.
    First we find that God didn’t want robots to worship Him and praise Him mindlessly, so He created His heavenly host with a free will to remain with Him of their own choice.
    Then we have one third of His heavenly host(angels) being cast out of heaven with their idol, Lucifer, who was the most beautiful and glorious of all angels, that claimed himself to be greater than his creator.
    My guess is it had much to do with vanity and self adoration that got him in trouble, or could it have been that God wanted to set in place a process in which free will could be tested and proven to have limitations, perhaps?
    Your guess is probably as good if not better than mine…….
    To make a long story a little shorter, apparently God saw this coming as He had created physical universes, including ours which could support physical life, man, that is, and the accompaning animals and resources to maintain us all.
    God also had an Earth to cast Satan(Lucy-for short) and his cohorts down to after their insurrection.
    The one puzzling thing is there is no report of any of those dissidents being annihilated or wiped out.
    They merely lost their angelic glory and were booted out of heaven in their spirit forms.
    So where does death come into the picture when there is no record of it existing prior to the creation of man?
    Oh, right, death comes about through man who becomes sinful like the fallen angels..why is that, one wonders?
    Amazingly, it is recorded that God had already set up a plan of salvation through repentance which entailed His future Son, Jesus, giving up His physical life in order to blot out the sins(supposedly only of mankind) because we are the only ones mentioned.
    Then comes the creation of Adam and Eve smack dab in the middle of all the chaos on this earth.
    God actually formed them initially from the dust of the very same earth He had cast His dissident angels down to.
    Why would that be, one wonders?? And to top it all off, He places a couple of trees in this garden He created man from and tells them not to eat from one of them because it would lead to their eventual death.
    Then He gives Adam a soul mate, a woman cloned from his rib, of all things. What was He thinking?
    God knew the woman would be curious and eat from the tree they were not to touch, that’s what women do, right? Or is it how He made women to be?
    So now mankind is under the curse of sin. Sin is sin, right? Don’t matter how big or small, from stealing an apple to screwing your neighbors wife, or killing him, it’s all sin isn’t it?
    So let’s go back a little…. God’s angels sinned, He casts them down to earth, God creates man from this earth and sticks an opportunity to sin in front of his face and gives him a woman who is sure to sin when He already has a plan of salvation and forgiveness set up to blot out that sin….what gives with all that

    Would slower minds like mine, which travels at a snails pace, think the whole thing was intentionally set up in order to give God’s dissident spirits an opportunity to return to Him through equally sinful man?
    Doesn’t scripture tells us God placed our spirit in us, that we also have a soul(which I believe is our personal identity) and a body with a short life span in which we all co-exist?
    Could the spirit God placed in us be that of a fallen angel who might have wanted to return to Him through a process of salvation through repentance by taking on a physical body?
    Could a fallen angel be saved by taking on a human body experiencing death in order to gain a new eternal metaphysical body promised those who succeed in accepting God into their lives during our lifetimes?
    Are we those fallen angels?
    Would a forgiving God also allow fallen angels who showed no remorse and equal opportunity to take on a physical body on a chance of being saved through man?
    Wouldn’t that change the image of our God to one of mercy and forgiveness as He is reported to be in scripture?

    December 18, 2012
    1. hearthappy45

      There are many variants in the myths created by man about the creation of the world. But there is only one account of creation as it has been revealed by the true and living God.

      December 24, 2012