From the creation of the world and of the entire history of the universe God has not chosen to play dice.  There is no gambling on the part of God, but the operations of the universe which God spoke into existence in a single spoken sentence have been led by the Providence of God including all life and the actions of that created life.  This is an emphatic truth which has been revealed by God in a way in which He has preserved our free will in a mysterious way, and a doctrine which can be readily established in a plethora of different ways from a plethora of Scriptures.  Part of that incredible work is the ongoing ministry of God toward the preservation of the Creation in ways which without the ongoing intervention of God there would be no universe.  Not only is God necessary for the creation of the Universe, but for its maintenance as well.  The universe is not a machine that would go unto itself.  God upholds the laws of nature in ways which without Him there would be no laws which could establish the very universe that God allows us to enjoy in His providential protection.

            Moving beyond nature itself and it becomes readily evident from the Scriptures that God controls human governments as well.  These governments turn in their history through the concert of human free will established in the Providence of God.  It is not the desires and schemes of men which come to pass, but the providence of the true and living God Who has revealed Himself in the Christian Scriptures.  God could not allow a universe to exist out of His creation that would be pure evil.  But in His providence He has established the guarantee that the righteous would prevail through faith in Him.  To this purpose it should be said that God more perfectly controls the course of the history of nations than anything that is within the human ability to control anywhere at anytime.

            From our innate knowledge of Him we as His creatures can understand the dependency which we have on our LORD.  God’s Providence allows Him to not merely to be the author of human and natural history, but moreover the provider of the basic needs and wants which we ask of the true God in prayer.  All creatures alive sense this complete dependence on God even if some of us will only cry out to God when we are angry or in desperate need as even Atheists prove by showing themselves to be lashing out at God in loss and begging Him for provision in need—even if they cannot realize the truth of the God to Whom they petition in those desperate moments.  All human experience in this life leads us to this understanding of our need for God.  And we can all relate to those moments which happen too out of the blue, too quick, too impossible which happen beyond explanation or comprehension that God’s Providence is at work; these experiences, from things as simply as the shot of the arrow have been described in the Bible in the complete control of the living and true God.

            Moreover, it is a matter of declaration that God has and continues to use nature to merit out diving blessing and cursing on the people of this earth.  From the fertile lands of Christ fearing nations to the dry deserts of the Arab lands where rebellion against the God of the Bible, the world’s natural systems have been divinely directed to follow such rules as to reward those who follow Christ and to punish those who disobey Him.  The wicked peoples of the Earth have been given temporarily lush lands even if that temporary state may last for thousands and thousands of years; however, the Bible is clear that the good lands of the earth will be for the people of God and the wicked will be driven forever from the good lands in the end.  Beyond this lands can be used to be punished a backsliding but righteous people in which God can curse the earth in various ways in His providence and within directed natural ways to issue wake up calls toward repentance and faith in Christ the living God.  It is God Who in His providence directs nature’s laws so that His will is accomplished in the natural order.  Here the classical understanding of the potentia ordinata where God directs the laws of nature and the potentia absoluta where God’s direct will is revealed comes across in their beautiful interaction and ultimate completion in the End of All Things.

            There is no way of sugarcoating the complexity of this doctrine.  The Bible declares that man is free.  We are morally responsible for the choices that we make.  How these doctrines precisely interact in a mathematical way is too mysterious for us to understand now and has led certain Christians to wrongly rejected either the Providence of God or the free will of man when the Scriptures teach both because in a mysterious way both are true.  But just as the apparent contradiction between General Relativity of objects at the macro level and Quantum Mechanics at the micro level should lead us at no point to a rejection of science, so should difficulties that we do not yet understand due to a lack of sufficient evidence lead us to reject the eternal truths which have been revealed in the bible.  At no point should any of the truths revealed in General Revelation or Specific Revelation because we do not yet understand the whole picture, yet.

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Comments (1)

  1. EricCharlesSmith

    God doesn’t gamble? How do you explain his conversation with Satan concerning Job?

    September 18, 2012
    1. mrmacq


      September 18, 2012
    2. DebbieA

      God knew what the outcome would be. Look at it this way, could a doctor heal anybody if no one got sick? If that happened, we wouldn’t need doctors, would we? Would we appreciate light if it never got dark? Or how about food if we never got hungry, we wouldn’t need it, would we? How can God work out His purpose if there wasn’t the contrast of good and evil? Satan is a necessity for God’s plan of salvation, like it or not, until the Lord comes again, there will be good and evil.

      September 18, 2012
      1. JumperK

        Your god created all, he knew the outcomes ahead of time, he knew all the decisions that would be made before they occurred, he interferes with freewill, he kills those who exercise their freewill, he created Satan; god (if he existed) is the ultimate source of evil and suffering.
        Where Adam and Eve not happy in the Garden of Eden? If they were than your comparisons fall flat.

        September 18, 2012
        1. mrmacq

          “…god (if he existed) is the ultimate source of evil and suffering”
          and further with this avenue of thought
          with ultimate authority comes ultimate responsibility and ultimate accountability
          they just dont get it

          they like to change the rules midstream

          September 18, 2012
  2. Glitched

    Happy! How have you been? And, are you in seminary right now, or are you just doing your own theologian academics? Loos like a college essay to me.

    September 18, 2012
  3. JumperK
    “…God in a way in which He has preserved our free will in a mysterious way,…”; is this the same freewill that he gave to man and when man did not do as god wished, god then drowned them?

    Is this the same freewill he gave to pharaoh and then hardened pharaoh’s heart against? The same freewill that Saul had and god interfered with again?
    “The Bible declares that man is free.” Clearly he is not.
    Your god has no idea what freewill is.

    September 18, 2012
  4. DebbieA

    This post is wonderfully stated, thank you for writing it!

    September 18, 2012
    1. mrmacq

      we have a lot of parrots around here
      mindless little birds that squawk what they are taught to squawk
      no grey matter required

      September 18, 2012
  5. nathanbarrenger

    Whatever God said is truth and he never gamble with the people life and he has decided for us but we are the one who has to claim it and that is why we should believe in rush my essay writing services that can help us to understand that we should have faith in God and believe on him.

    January 05, 2017