Origin of Man

            We know from the account that God has given us that He created man through the immediate creation and not through some nebulous development over time.  Further, we can know for certain that the soul of man was created by God.  For thousands of years the ancient Egyptians had taught that man had formed through the animals of the Earth.  Moses himself would’ve been raised in this tradition, but God revealed to Moses that this teaching of the ancient Egyptians was not true.  Contrary to the “modern” ideas of Darwin to turn the ancient heresy of the Egyptians into the garb of a pseudoscientific clothing, the true and living God was actually there during the Creation of man and the Creator was able to reveal to Moses the truth about the origin of man through divine creation as opposed to the ancient teaching of the Egyptians that man came from the animals of the Earth.  Darwin has done little except to popularize an ancient fairy tale for grown ups to us moderns who are ignorant that these wrong ideas about man have all been dispelled before.  The difficulty for the skeptics of the Bible is that all of the Biblical truths are so clearly revealed that it usually only takes a little to dispel the open-minded person from the deceptions of man but because it is a spiritual battle it takes the revealing of the Holy Spirit to accomplish this.  And there are few issues where people remain as hard hearted as in the issue of the origins of man.

            Science can accurately teach us that matter is not eternal.  And science can accurately teach us that life is not self-originating.  The chief difficulty with Darwin is that he attempts to inaccurately impose his philosophical ideas on science.  Yet science refuses to back up the philosophical claims that are not in accord with God, the Creator of all true science.  Charles Hodge puts it well in saying that, “Science as soon as she gets past the actual and the extant is in the region of speculation; and merging into philosophy she becomes subject to all its hallucinations.”  And imprisoning science into the naturalistic philosophy of atheism subjugates sciences to all of the errors of atheism.  The universe itself cannot exist without God as science can teach us through the Law of Causality and the Big Bang which necessitates a Big Banger who is outside of all that was created in the Big Bang, that is, that is outside of time, space, and matter.  So modern science far from disproving God’s special creation of the Origin of Man goes farthest in providing the theist with the logical proof that there must be a God, a Necessary Being for Whom the universe owes its existence in the Big Bang.  The evolutionists further argue that their process is too slow for us to see the changes they predict and that the geological record is too imperfect to show the numerous transitionary fossils they predict would exist which in essence provides a tacit admission that all the evidence of science and history goes against their disproven theory.

            But what about the antiquity of man?  From the Biblical record we know that the genealogical records are not complete but that they are provided to show the Messianic credentials of Jesus.  Further, there is no explicit mention in the Bible of exactly how old the Earth is or when the creation of Adam occurred.  From the various estimates of those who have taken the genealogical records as all that there is there have been estimates dating man from nearly 7000 to about 3500 years Before Christ.  Some manuscript evidence of the Septuagint even places man out to 30,000 years before Christ according to Josephus.  So it should be clear that a literal belief in the Bible does not necessitate that we can then say that we know for certain exactly when the creation of man has occurred.  Complications in the presuppositions supposed in any of the attempts to determine the date for the antiquity of man really throw into question any of the estimates offered by anyone.

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