Kingly Office of Christ

There are two kingdoms in this world to which we all belong. As humans we are born bound to sin and as such we are born into the Kingdom of Satan. Yet Satan is a harsh King. The consequences of sin can be recognized to be harsh even by those who foolishly believe that all that there is to this world is what we have in the here and now. Yet the eternal consequences of sin are so much worse and it brings the devil glee to see us destroy ourselves on the way to destruction because he hates us. Yet the Kingdom of God is so much better for all.  By submitting to the real Kingship of Christ we are so much better off.  From the time of Abraham to Moses there was no visible King over the Kingdom of God.  While everybody doing what was right in their own eyes probably was an expression of the great corruption in the time of the Judges, it is certainly a fitting expression also for the holy leaders of the families of the people of God for when there was no official Church but only the spiritual leadership that was required of each husband and father.  God established His theocracy in the time of Moses, yet the ideal was for God Himself to be head of the people of God and not the corrupt judges.

Throughout the Old Covenant there was a foreshadowing that the Messiah was going to be King.  Indeed, the promise that the Messiah would be God guaranteed the fact that the Messiah was going to be King.  In fact the Messiah is more truly a King; He is more truly a Sovereign than any earthly King that has ever reigned over men.  Yet in the Kingdom of God there is a delegation of temporal power to the earthly Sovereigns for a time.  This is not going to last forever.  But the Kingdom of God deals with a sphere of influence that is separate from that of the temporal powers.  The temporal powers deal with borders and jurisdictions whereas the Kingdom of God has Sovereignty over all life.  The powers of this world deal with matters about speed limits on highways and deal with the wickedness of man when it is too late to save a man’s soul; whereas the Kingdom of God deals with the real solution to the problem.  Christ is the King of every believing soul in the sense that the believer gives up his freedom to the will of Christ.  Christ is also the King of every unbelieving soul in the sense that Christ banishes from His Kingdom all who refuse to obey His laws.

The Kingdom of Christ has instituted irrevocable laws that every man in every part of the world must until death hold to the name of Christ as the only Savior.  This is a faith that we are required to have in life when people are mocking us for our faith in the Gospel.  This is a faith that we are required to have until the point of death as the holy martyr at Columbine who was asked to renounce Jesus, not “God” as the media has falsely recorded, she was asked to renounce Jesus but she refused and so those wicked men killed her for it.  The Kingdom of Christ requires that we obey its law to stand in faith in all of the trying circumstances that we Christians here in America would rather cower away from taking a stand for the Gospel.  The Kingdom of Christ also has as law that we love.  We are required to love those who love the LORD.  We are required to love those who hate the LORD.

While the Kingdom of Christ is an invisible Kingdom Christians are still commanded to come together in a visible way to praise the LORD.  This visible way does not have to be visible to the public as the underground Church bears witness to in the persecuted Church.  Yet there is a coming together of believers which is important for us to maintain in order to achieve that healthy life of faith.  The prerogative of the Church which is the visible representation of the Kingdom of God is to declare the truth about God; that no matter what the cost, no matter what the consequence we as a part of the Kingdom of God would share the truth about Jesus.

This Kingdom of God is not a democracy where we get to have a vote and by some type of majority opinion force others to come to a certain conclusion about God.  Only King Jesus gets to make the rules; rules which we have to obey.  If we refuse to obey these rules we might be able to put a good show for this life; however, there is a final act and in the resurrection we will be unable to hide behind any duplicity.  In the resurrection Christ will be the perfect judge and will separate those who truly are a part of His Kingdom apart from those who are not really a part of His Kingdom.  And for the hypocrites and the self-righteous they will have to face an eternity apart from the presence of God even if they had deceived themselves into thinking that they were a part of the Kingdom of God.  But Christ as King will decide forever who really held on to Him in faith in this life and who was just putting up a show.  On that Day of Judgment there will be no bad deals.  But Christ as King will judge perfectly.  

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  1. adjewleu

    45, a lot of jargon, as usual, and many imponderables along the way.
    Do you want to know at least one serious one?

    January 31, 2013
  2. mrmacq

    “As humans we are born bound to sin and as such we are born into the Kingdom of Satan”
    such crap
    why do you figure you have the right to pollute ?
    claiming this that or the other
    with zip for proof?
    give us your proof dude
    otherwise youre breaking one of your ten commandments
    the one about falsely accusing
    not individually but collectively
    seems to me a far bigger sin

    February 02, 2013
  3. seanjutzi

    I enjoyed this post as well…..

    February 26, 2013
    1. hearthappy45


      June 01, 2013
  4. adamonslow

    I totally disagree your line that “a human born to sin”. Human has given mind. He has to discriminate between well and evil. I read many articles and a best uk paper. They explain very clearly about that topic. They also explain how human trapped in the teachings of Satan.

    December 22, 2016