Humiliation of Christ

Being human we all know all too well what it is like to be humiliated. Some of the most vivid memories of my childhood that I have are not from the moments of pride, they’re not from the moments of accomplishment, but they’re from the moments of my humiliation. One of the hardest callings that we have on us as humans in faith is when we are called to humiliation for the sake of the Gospel as all of us who walk in obedience experience at times. But to think that God Himself would humiliate Himself by leaving His heavenly dwelling to come to this Earth filled with the smell of corruption is a thought almost beyond comprehension.  Jesus began His ministry of humiliation by taking on the body of a man and emptying Himself to a mysterious extent of His potential power as God.  Not only did Christ come in a body but He came to the Earth under the Law which He wrote.  In one of the most amazing lessons of Christ, it is remembered that the tax set up by a King is not meant for his own children.  And yet Christ not only took that particular tax upon Himself, but He took it upon Himself to fulfill all of the righteous requirements of the Law of Moses that He might become the completion of the Law that we needed to have in this Earth.

The physical sufferings of Christ began with the limitations and the pains and the cries that we all experience in this life.  We all suffer as Christ suffered with sicknesses and diseases.  But Christ did not stop their in His willingness to suffer for us.  Throughout the history of the world depraved men have done their uttermost to perfect the art of torture.  The zenith of these efforts was achieved in numerous ways under the Romans.  And the Roman method of crucifixion would become for God the perfect opportunity to get just the right amount of physical pain to be maximized so that He could demonstrate for us just how much He loves us and longs for us to come to repentance for our good that we might have a relationship with Him.  But the humiliation of Christ would not be limited to the physical sufferings of the cross but would include all of the agony of suffering through the wrath of God.  Now while we who have sinned and we have rightly experienced the wrath of God, for Jesus to experience the wrath of His Father was a completely new experience to which He had no parallel in life and throughout eternity.  The wrath of the Father was for the complete payment of sin and so the wrath must have been more fierce than any of the pains of the flesh.  Some Pastors have doubted to me whether Jesus even regarded the physical pain of the cross next to the emotional pain of the wrath of God.  Now that preaches well, but it doesn’t sit well with me because it borders on my mind with the Gnostic heresy; however, that being said, I think that there is certainly an element of truth to it because when a person is under such a large amount of wrath physical suffering can even provide a release from the emotional pressure to an extent.  But the wrath of God makes the humiliation of Christ complete because it was entirely undeserved.

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  1. adjewleu

    “… … But to think that God Himself would humiliate Himself by leaving His heavenly dwelling to come to this Earth filled with the smell of corruption is a thought almost beyond comprehension. … …”

    Well, a handful of religious jargon, in your customary style, 45.

    You are talking about a hybrid deity – half-almighty: one that could not resolve the problem when the problem was still MINOR eons ago.

    Then, suddenly this half-almighty had a moral shock to realize he was late, and quickly sent his holy son down to Earth with a VIOLENT PLAN [even killing innocent babies in Bethlehem would go] and then asked you to represent him!!

    And there you are, walking peaceful suburbs with that threatening message of a god with a Plan B to restore the moral ground or else!

    And if you look a suspicious COURIER, with a message of that half-almighty, and folk offer you some objective counter-arguments you can turn ballistic and shout out threats & curses to try FEAR as a tactic!

    Go jump in the lake!

    January 31, 2013
    1. adjewleu

      45 is the type of Christian who wants to be remembered/applauded as a martyr.
      He is much delusional, I fear.

      I don’t buy this religious concept of martyrdom.

      A religion that calls for martyrdom is one from Hell or worse.
      Is there an Almighty God of this cruel character?
      What God is that, which requires from his couriers [indirect evangelists] to sacrifice their lives, as if that almighty could not do the job with less apparatus?!!!…

      January 31, 2013
  2. mrmacq

    listen to djewleu dude
    you guys make no sense
    remember this common equation
    a plus b equals c
    a hell of a lot of a …plus more a(s) …
    aint going to equal c no matter how many times you scream it
    a = your belief in your gawd
    b = the fact of the matter
    c = truth
    its the “b” you guys are sadly lacking
    so you scream “a” even louder
    so heres how an atheist looks at it
    we have a final outcome (a tally if you will)
    “c” is that final result
    now lets work our way back
    “b” is still “the fact of the matter”
    “a” turns out to be “no gawd required”
    not yours theirs or the others
    but rather just more facts that weve dug up searching for the truth
    bottom line?
    stay off my fucking porch
    my dogs are smarter than you
    in that they have no delusions

    February 02, 2013
  3. seanjutzi

    …and therein lies the wonderful mystery of God’s Grace and Mercy towards us, (the deserving), at the price of His Son, (the undeserving)!

    February 26, 2013
  4. rileymcvilly

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    November 25, 2016